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Join the UK’s largest nature march on June 22 in London!  Support urgent action with over 150 groups to address wildlife decline, pollution, and climate impacts. Volunteer, march, and demand to #RestoreNatureNow Will you be there too?

We have already noted some great entries for round five of subgames. Remember, there are a range of different categories that you can enter the Subvertising and Brandalism that you have spotted.

There appears to be no limit to the imagination of those trying to get their point across in opposition to the dominant and frequently damaging messages of the monied media.

Some have stencilled their view about the eccocide of Sunak’s government.

Luton aviation protestors have made their point clear at local bus stops.

Others have promoted the restore nature now demo in June by flyposting where they are able.

Keep them coming

Deadline 10th July 2024