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⚡️ZAP⚡️ Get ready for #RestoreNatureNow – nature groups across the country are uniting in a peaceful march through London to #RestoreNatureNow 🌱 We have a message for all politicians – change is needed now to save nature Everyone’s welcome to join! 22nd June 🖤 

#SUBGAMES2024 – Round 6 – Q3 2024 – 
#SUBGAMES2024 – Round 6 – Q3 2024 – 
#SUBGAMES2024 – Round 6 – Q3 2024 – 
#SUBGAMES2024 – Round 6 – Q3 2024 – 
#SUBGAMES2024 – Round 6 – Q3 2024 – 


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Love & Rage • 

Love & Rage • 

Love & Rage • 

Love & Rage • 

Love & Rage • 

1. Artistic

Have you always dreamed of exhibiting your latest artistic creations on the street? Calling on artists to beautify our pavements! Showcase creative talent throughout your community. Photography, drawings, paintings, poems, collages,… any medium possible and imaginable!

2. Billboards

For those who have delusions of grandeur, there is no shortage of large advertisements to satisfy your desire for large-scale actions.

3. Political messaging

Considering the billboard as a practical and public means of dissemination, make it yours to make visible the struggles. Government distrust has never been higher. The world finds itself in a democratic crisis entangled within a planetary crisis while governments are busy cosying up to billionaires and shareholders ignoring the issues faced by everyday people and the overarching global issues that feed into our struggles.

4. Digital Screens

The digital world is encroaching into our public spaces. What imaginative ways can you find to slow down this demise?

5. Takeovers

For the serial liberators of advertising, those who love records and the adrenaline of the challenge, join the competition to free as many panels as you can.

6. Wild card

Surprise us! Make us laugh! Make us dream! Improve the public landscapes! Waiting for the bus can become an incredible adventure (we really like jokes, crossword clues, shopping lists, challenges, declarations of love, grandmother’s recipes, astrological predictions, flyering, stickers, clowning, imitation press releases, etc.).

7. Creative subvertisement

Best subvertisement of a commercial campaign. Repurposing capitalist propaganda for the public good. Highlight greenwashing by big polluters, use the weaponised psychology against these goliaths and go after their public image.

8. Flyposter

The best installations of posters that enhance the streets. Think location, messaging and location.

End The Fossil Fuel Era

We must end all new licenses and funding for fossil fuels.


Those who hid the science and projected impacts, worsening the situation for short-term profit, should be made to pay. Rich countries must support those already on the front line of climate impacts. The people will work together to address inequality and restore the living world through tackling the climate crisis.

Enter An Age Of Transition

Mobilise a world-wide effort, more ambitious than anything in all of history, to transform society using a participatory approach to politics at local, national and transnational levels.

Citizen-Led Democracy

Citizens’ assemblies, citizen-led politics, are the transitional tools needed to achieve this.

Use these slogans in the campaigns. Where is the most effective space they can show up in?